Wadi’ah Saving Accounts

Interest Free Saving Account


Wadi’ah means custody or safekeeping. In a Wadi’ah arrangement, an account holder deposits funds in a bank and the bank guarantees the safety and refund of the entire amount of the deposit, or any part of the outstanding amount, when the depositor demands it.

Unique Features and Benefits

  • Operate by using passbooks;
  • Free Account Statement (once in a month), available upon request;
  • Online Access all over our branches;
  • Specially trained Customer Service staff at the window counters;
  • No interest will be accured or paid;
  • Suitable for any customers who would like to use it;
  • No Profit No loss, but there might be Hibah (gift) from the bank at its discretion;
  • A minimum deposit balance of ETB 50.00.