Cardinal Values of OIB


To Become the Bank of Your First Choice


We are committed in providing full-fledged and best quality commercial banking services within the pertinent regulatory requirement with due diligence to sustainable business while empowering the missing middle and discharging social responsibility by engaging highly qualified, skilled, motivated and disciplined employees and state-of-the- art information technology, adding real value to the shareholders’ interest and win the public trust.

Core Values

Corporate values of OIB reflects the deeply pursued philosophy of operational excellence, believes, ground of typical sparkling culture of identity for reputation through which the bank is well known by others. The Bank is committed to the following values in conducting its day-to-day business.

  • We value persistence, endurance and tenacity;
  • We value customer satisfaction;
  • We value transparency, integrity and confidentiality;
  • We uphold team spirit and grooming potential successor;
  • We value total respect to customers and employees;
  • We value competitive and motivated human resource with ever growing skills;
  • We promote a learning and innovative organization;
  • We value belongingness;
  • We uphold corporate citizenship.