Sinqe Women’s Saving Account

Sinqe Women’s saving account is a special saving account intended for women so as to enhance their saving habits and economic benefits.

  • Individual account holders will get discounts from selected merchants and service providers (arranged by the Bank) for purchases and/or payments effected through POS.

Basic Features of the Product

  • The account is provided only for women;
  • The account does not have an age limit, as even under-aged girls are allowed to open accounts through families;
  • The account can be opened by individuals or jointly;
  • Operated through uniquely prepared pass book and separately branded debit cards;
  • Zero minimum deposit requirements for opening the account i.e. the account can be opened with 0 balance as long as the customer agrees to make deposit within a month;
  • The services will have different interest rates from the normal saving accounts;
  • Can be linked to internet and mobile banking services;
  • Free of charge Bank statement once monthly;
  • Withdrawal of cash is allowed at any time and any amount;
  • Other benefits will be attached to the product.