Education Solution Account

This account is meant for students of higher education (college and universities) as well as post graduate education. It is a saving account that attaches a loan for pursuing higher education as well as settlement of cost sharing.

  • The account should be stayed at least for a year to qualify for a loan;
  • Whenever the loan is granted for pursuing of higher education, the Bank shall effect payment of educational fee.

Basic Features of the Product

  • The account is operated via passbook and/or ATM card;
  • The account bears normal interest rate;
  • The person should have a regular income to open this account;
  • Students who want to follow their postgraduate (Masters and PhD) are eligible for the loan;
  • Loan for post graduate education as well as settlement of cost sharing shall be attached to this account;
  • The loan shall be granted upon presenting acceptable collateral as per the credit policy including the deposit amount held by the Bank;
  • The account holder is allowed to borrow for financing its higher education and settlement of cost sharing after maintaining the required minimum amount of deposits and presenting the required documents.