Overseas (Foreign) Employment Service

These products are intended to facilitate the banking service needs of both foreign employment agencies and the individual employees to be hired abroad. Our major services include

  • Bank Guarantee Service: it is provided to all agencies engaged in foreign employment service to alleviate their financial shortage required to cover the equivalent of USD 100,000.00 cash to be blocked from their own source. We have designed a tailor-made guarantee product to provide the fund behalf of the agency. The service is provided free of any commission charges with very minimal collateral requirement;
  • Advisory Service: our bank offers free advisory and orientation service to the employees focusing on how to;
  • Benefits of salary saving;
  • Open and manage various saving deposit accounts;
  • Remit (transfer) their monthly salary efficiently from abroad on very low-cost basis;
  • How to optimally invest the accumulated money in their saving deposit or how start new business;
  • Saving Deposit Service: we open alternative deposit accounts to the employees depending on needs of the employees and their families and offer deposit service both through our conventional and IFB window;
  • Money Remittance Service: our bank offers flexible and prompt service to both to the agencies and the employees to transfer their money from abroad to their accounts maintained through our bank;
  • Investment and/or Working capital Financing: we offer financing service to foreign employment agencies when the need arises. We also offer financing service to the employees upon return to home in order to assist them to get sustainable earnings by advising them to engage in businesses by providing initial working capital and/or equipment or machinery financing funds.