Bank Guarantee

Our bank provides several bank guarantees services suitable to you depending on your business needs. Some of the major bank guarantees product offered are:

  • Bid Bond guarantee;
  • Performance Guarantee;
  • Advance Payment Guarantee;
  • Retention Guarantee;
  • Bank Guarantee to IATA;
  • Customs Bond Guarantee.
  • Trade Credit Guarantee (TCG) – the most preferred guarantee type designed and offered only by our bank to facilitate trade on credit Bulk importers, distributors, manufacturers, and wholesales of different types commodities can easily enhance their stock turnover and revenue by increasing their credit sales as OIB is a trust-worthy bank and serves its customers as a bridge between the seller and buyer when there are bulk credit sales. The buyer has the opportunity to easily get whatever amount of stock from the seller on credit basis when there are working capital shortages to trade on cash basis;
  • Other custom-made Bank Guarantee products depending on your requirements;
  • Our bank uses a bank guarantee format that has strong security features to protect the beneficiaries, our customers, and the community at large from counterfeit guarantees;
  • Beneficiaries shall confirm the genuineness of bank guarantees from our Credit Management Department at Head Office before entertaining.