Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is more than spending money to respond to certain happenstance. It emanates from the company’s corporate vision. It has a positive impact on social, economic and environmental factors.

Cognizant to these facts, Oromia International Bank S.C clearly integrated CSR into its major business programs.

Over the last five years, for instance, OIB donated nearly  Birr 50 million to local charity organizations, in response to disasters, Government projects and initiatives, and many more. To this effect, OIB:

  • OIB staff planted trees in Gelan town
  • OIB donated three Million Birr to Oromia State in favor of Fighting against COVID-19
  • OIB donated Five Million Birr in favor of Fighting against COVID-19
  • Donated Birr 6 million to Finfinne City Administration for Exercise Book ;
  • Donated Birr 10 million for Sheger Green Project;
  • Donated over Birr 2.7 million for food items to households affected by drought;
  • Donated Birr 400,000 for Environmental protection ;
  • Donated over Birr 200,000 for Local Charities working on education ;
  • Donated 20 million Birr for displaced citizen due to natural and man-made disaster;
  • Donated Birr 1 million for Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.
  • Donated Birr 10 million for ‘Gebeta le Hager’ Project.
  • Donated Birr Five Million to National Defense;
  • Donated Birr one Million for Finfine City and its environs school feeding and educational material provision program.