Oromia Bank on the path of Success

Oromia Bank on the path of Success
Oromia Bank is moving forward with tremendous achievements in its operational, financial and other key performances.
The Board of Directors presented on our Bank’s 12th Annual Ordinary Meeting of Shareholders held on 25th December 2021 indicated that the Bank is on the path of success.
To this end, our Bank’s total asset has reached Birr 41.7 billion growing by 23%. The customer base in terms of number of deposit accounts grew by 45% and reached 2.49million. Deposit resource mobilization performance showed a growth of 24% and reached Birr 34.35billion. Performance on provision of loans, advances and financing including Interest-Free Banking financing resulted in a growth of 27% and reached Birr 25.77Billion. Likewise, our Bank has managed to attain a profit of Birr 1.13 billion.
On the other hand, our Bank has developed its 3rd corporate and functional strategies which is believed will hugely help us to bring superior customer experience. And our new brand also enables us to serve our customers with new spirit, new look and offer vibrant service.
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