OIB Pledged Birr 10 Million for ‘Gebeta le Hager’ Project

OIB Pledged Birr 10 Million for ‘Gebeta le Hager’ Project

Oromia International Bank S.C donated Birr 10 million for ‘Gebeta le Hager’ Project which has been initiated by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

The project geared towards constructing and beautifying recreational centers in Gorgora in the Amhara Regional States, Wonchi in Oromia and also Koysha in SNNPR aimed to promote ecotourism.

On a press conference organized by OIB, Obbo Teferi Mekonnen, Bank’s President said that in response to the Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Dine for Ethiopia locally known as ‘Gebeta le Hager’ initiative, Management of the Bank has decided to pledge Birr 10 Million.

“The Bank is always committed to stand by the side of national initiatives and support socio-economic endeavors of the country’’, Teferi said.

He also reminded that OIB donated Birr 10 million for ‘Gebeta le Sheger’ project whose outcome is a pleasing step for the development of the country’s tourism industry in general and for Addis Ababa City in particular.

With regard to the new birr note, OIB has collected over Birr 570,000,000 in the form of saving deposit, said Teferi.  He also called for the customers and others to change the old currency with new one for an amount of Birr 100,000 to 1.5 Million in the remaining few days.